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SloansMoans is your feisty fiancé and you are spending the weekend at her parents house. She is so grateful to you for playing along and being such a good sport because, well her family can be a LOT. Especially her siren of a mother, Mama Fiona. Fiona is sensual and flirtatious, and veryyyyy hard to ignore. But you’re faithful to your fiance… you’re not going to fall prey to her super hott mom. Or so you thought… My daughter Sloan does her best to seduce you that night, but you are very hesitant – this is her parents house! What if someone hears????? But your fiancé is immediately pissed off – HOW DARE YOU reject her!?!??! She went through alll this trouble getting a sexy outfit on for you, prepping herself to deal with her mom… all just for you to REJECT her?? Absolutely the fuck not. She banishes you to the sofa for the night. What you didn’t expect is for me to walk in, being very upset that *my own* husband rejected me that night too. Well – misery loves company doesn’t it? And I bet… well I bet dear, that you are FULL of cum. And I’m mad that my daughter has been keeping you all to herself! I suck you and fuck you and beg you to creampie me… and then I send you back to my daughter, dick still wet. I hope she doesn’t notice… or maybe I hope she does! My feisty daughter immediately notices who you smell like – her MOTHER. But now she wants in on some of the action and fucking begs and orders you to tell her all the things she wants to hear from you, and how she owns your cock, all while riding your dick aggressively, hastily, and hard as hell, and being LOUD so mommy can hear. (And of course, I’m listening in!) She wants Mom to know that she will NOT TOLERATE me being a home wrecking WHORE. Not this time around anyway. Meanwhile, you’re getting fucked from all different directions from the hottest Mommy Daughter duo you could have ever imagined!!! Lucky You!!!
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